Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

UIF / PAYE / SDL Registration

Do you need to register for UIF / PAYE / SDL? We can assist you with
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Our in-house UIF / PAYE / SDL Specialist has over 30 years experience
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UIF stands for “Unemployment Insurance Fund”. This fund guarantees Employees an income for a few months in case they lose their job. Once registered, SARS will charge your company UIF fees monthly. PAYE stands for “Pay-As-You-Earn” and it acts as the gateway for SARS to collect Income Tax from your staff monthly.

Do you need to Register your Company for UIF / PAYE / SDL?
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UIF/PAYE/SDL Registration

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Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are PAYE, UIF, and SDL, and How Do They Apply to South African Businesses?

PAYE (Pay As You Earn), UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), and SDL (Skills Development Levy) are essential components of payroll taxation and compliance for businesses in South Africa.

PAYE: This is a method of collecting income tax from employees’ earnings. It applies to all employers registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Businesses with employees are required to deduct PAYE from their salaries and wages and remit it to SARS. This system ensures that employees’ income tax is collected in a timely and efficient manner.

UIF: The UIF provides short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work due to maternity, adoption leave, or illness. All employers in South Africa must register with the UIF and contribute to the fund. Contributions are deducted from employees’ salaries and matched by the employer, providing a safety net for employees during periods of joblessness.

SDL: The Skills Development Levy is a government-imposed levy to promote learning and development in the workforce. It’s mandatory for employers with a payroll exceeding R500,000 per annum. Funds collected from SDL are used to finance training and development activities through various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). This levy is crucial for enhancing the skills of the workforce and supporting the country’s economic growth.

Understanding and complying with these regulations is vital for businesses to operate legally and support their employees’ welfare. Non-compliance can result in penalties and undermine the credibility of a business.

For detailed guidance on PAYE, UIF, and SDL registration and compliance, visit our UIF Registration Service and Monthly Payroll Services.

call us toll free for Uif assistance.


PAYE is calculated based on the employee’s taxable income using the SARS tax tables. The amount varies depending on the employee’s earnings and includes considerations like age, medical expenses, and retirement contributions.

Both the employer and employee contribute 1% of the employee’s salary to the UIF. The maximum earnings ceiling is currently R14,872 per month.

SDL is calculated as 1% of the total amount paid in salaries to employees. It is paid to SARS along with the employer’s other tax submissions, typically on a monthly basis.

Employers must submit PAYE returns to SARS monthly. This submission, known as the EMP201 form, is due by the 7th of the following month or the nearest working day if the 7th falls on a weekend or public holiday.

You can register for PAYE through SARS eFiling or by visiting a SARS branch. For detailed guidance and assistance, you can utilize our Monthly Payroll Services.

Employees can claim UIF benefits if they become unemployed, are on maternity leave, or cannot work due to illness. Claims must be filed at a Department of Labour office or online via the uFiling system.


Paying SDL contributes to the upskilling of the South African workforce, improving employability and productivity. Employers can also access grants and rebates for training employees through their respective SETAs.

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