Our most popular Company Registration Packages for Tenders, RFQs, Contracts and Financing.

We know how it goes, you need a company registration number and various other compliance documents – and you need them now.

We’ve been working with South African entrepreneurs since 2006, that’s why we’ve designed a range of packages for various contracts, tenders and financing goals.

Company registration packages are created to help you cut down on the waiting time and the costs of your required paperwork.

We have Company Registration Packages that specifically include documentation like VAT Registration, Tax Clearance, CSD Registration, COID Registration (and a Letter of Good Standing) or PAYE registration. You just need to pick the package that suits your needs.

Have a look below at our options below (and scroll to the right option for you):

  • Our Industry Packages (if you need industry-specific compliance documents)
  • Our Shelf Company Packages (if you’re in a big rush)
  • Only Company Registration (if you only need a company registration number)

Our Industry Packages

We can sort out your CIPC company registration number within 24 plus we have record-breaking timelines all our other documents too.

shelf package 2

These are only a few of our offerings. See our other industry packages.

Our Shelf Company Packages

If you need to get started ASAP, but you need more than just a company registration number, these Shelf Package may be exactly what you’re looking for.  

Shelf Company Packages are designed to help you get started ASAP.


Only need a registered company?

Here are two quick and affordable options if you only need to register a company right away.


Looking for something different?

We have many more packages to suit a variety of business needs. You can check out our other business packages here.

Why use OUR Company Registration Packages?

We work with thousands of South African entrepreneurs every year. In the last 14 years we have supported over 30 000 businesses women and men with our company administration services.

We are a team of 40 + experts and we work with CUSTOMS, the CIPC, SARS and the Labour Department daily. We use a sophisticated online system that allows you to order any of our 120+ services. It also helps you store everything you do in one place. This helps you keep track of your company documentation and any renewals that might be due.

Here is a story of how we helped this security company get everything they needed within only 2 months.

We have various Facebook reviews.

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