A quick guide to buying and understanding Shelf Companies in SA

Shelf Companies are one of the fastest ways to get a Company Registration Number. It’s the only way you can get CIPC-registered company within ONLY 24 hours. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get an older company registration number for its business benefits.

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For whatever reason you’re researching Shelf Companies in SA, here’s what you need to know and in what order we’ll be talking about it (just scroll to the bit you’re interested in).

  • What is a Shelf Company exactly?

  • How to buy a Shelf Company right now.

  • Different types of Shelf Companies.

o Older Shelf Companies in SA
o Shelf Companies with VAT Registration
o Shelf Companies with COID Registration
o And other Shelf Companies in SA

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Shelf Companies in SA

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What is a Shelf Company?

A Shelf Company is a company that has already been registered at the CIPC. It’s a blank slate because it’s a registered company that hasn’t been used before.

What is the benefits of a Shelf Company and older Company Registration Number?

  • Get a Company Registration Number within 24 hours to apply for Tenders, Contracts, RFQs or Financing right away. 

The speed is the biggest advantage. You can get a brand-new Company and a Company Registration number within one day when you buy a Shelf Company. CIPC Company Registration usually takes about one workweek. You can save even more time if you buy a Shelf Company that’s also registered at other authorities like SARS or the Workman’s Compensation Fund. These registrations usually add more waiting time.

  • Get an older company registration number. 
  • It’s the fastest and the simplest way to get the new Company to trade immediately

A Shelf Company is a legally registered CIPC Company, that may be registered for other things like VAT or COID. This means it cuts out a lot of energy and time-consuming administration work you need to do if you start from scratch, with a normal Company Registration.

Keep in mind that we have limited stock on every type of Shelf Company.

How and where to buy a Shelf Company right now.

For all our services, you can either sign up online or you can call our Toll-Free number, 0800 007 269. A dedicated expert will talk you through the online sign-up process, your different Shelf Company options, and the costs of each.

Everything is 100% online. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop or a phone, a South African address, an ID / Passport and you need to be 18 or older.

Need a Specialized Shelf Company? See our packages below, pick your perfect package.

You can also visit our Pretoria or our Cape Town offices when you make an appointment, but it’s not necessary. We have a sophisticated online system that helps us support you 100% online. 

You can buy Shelf Company anyone who sells registered Shelf Companies, however, it’s important to trust the organisation you buy from. We have hundreds of reviews and we’ve been supporting South African entrepreneurs for over 14 years with more than 120 business services. Learn more. 

Different types of Shelf Companies

Older Shelf Companies in SA

Shelf Companies that are 1 year or older, might benefit your business when you’d like to apply for Tenders, Contracts, RFQs or Financing. We created an infographic on the 5 reasons an older Shelf Company may benefit your business. Here are a few older Shelf Companies we offer.


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Shelf Companies with VAT Registration

Need a VAT Registration as soon as possible? Here are some options that’ll offer you VAT Registration from the get-go.

vat packages

Sign up: click here or call 0800 007 269 toll-free.

A Shelf Company with COID Registration

Sign up: click here or call 0800 007 269 toll-free.

10 Frequently asked Questions on Shelf Companies

Here are some basic to advanced questions about Shelf Companies in SA. Simply scroll to the question you’d like an answer to and open up the tab.

  • What are Shelf Companies in SA (a more in-depth definition)?
  • What are Shelf Companies for?
  • Why are Shelf Companies better?
  • How are Shelf Companies and normal Companies different?
  • Are Shelf Companies different than normal companies?
  • Why is an older Company Company better?
  • Where is the best place to buy Shelf Companies in SA?
  • What are the requirements of Shelf Companies in SA?

Remember that we have a team of over 40+ experts who can answer your questions on the phone.

If it’s within our office hours, you can call this toll-free number 0800 007 269. If it’s not, book a free consultation call or send us an email.

The best way to describe is a Shelf Company in South Africa, is a CIPC-registered company (usually a Pty Company) that you can buy “off the shelf”. “Off the shelf” means an organization has already registered a Pty at the CIPC, keeping it “on the shelf” until an entrepreneur needs it.


A Shelf Company is a Pty Company that may be registered already, but it hasn’t been used to trade with. In essence, it’s a clean slate.

Businessmen and women usually buy Shelf Companies when they need a company registration number ASAP.

There’s no structural difference in shelf and normal companies. The only difference is that a shelf company is a normal company that has already been registered. That means it already has a company registration number and a registered name. It’s usually a very generic name, like for example SA Industries or ABC Construction. That’s because the organisation who sells the shelf company wants it to be a name that’s easy to use.

Yes. It’s very easy and fast to change a company’s name. It’s a quick administrative process you need to do at the CIPC. We include a free name change in all our Shelf Companies. The company registration number always stays the same.

Legally a Pty Shelf Company is just like a normal Pty Company. So structurally it’s not better or worse in any way. However, an older company registration number may be beneficial in certain cases.

Here’s an infographic that’ll show you why.

[Infographic: 5 Reasons a Company Registration Number is better]


The basic requirements of a Shelf Company are the same as the basic requirements of a Pty Shelf Company:

You need:

  • To be 18 or older;
  • A South African address;
  • And have a South African ID or a Passport of the country you’re a resident in.

If you’re considering Shelf Companies in SA that have other particular registrations, like COID or VAT, there might be additional requirements. You can read more about these requirements here.

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