Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

The System

We are excited to announce the launch of our very own online system for Company Services – the first of its kind in South Africa!

Entrepreneurs, accountants and lawyers that use our services now have a one-stop-shop for CIPC, DTi, SARS, DOL and CIDB Services. Branding, Online Marketing, Bank Account, Database and Mentoring Needs are also available.




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Clients get a Customer Account used to log into a secure online platform from their laptop, tablet or even cell phone where they can:

  1. ORDER any Company Service they may require (over 120 available);
  2. CONTROL each service that we are processing – tracked online by our ‘Timeline’ Technology;
  3. STORE important Company documents for free.

Our Company initially specialised in CC Registrations at CIPC when we launched in 2006. We re-launched in April 2013 which enabled clients to obtain a Pty, BEE Verification and more. Soon we realised that tracking this amount of paperwork is becoming very time intensive to our team and our clients. We needed an organised system which enables full control – so we started development early 2015. This month South Africa were introduced to the ‘Company Partners System’ for the first time and we have already receive great feedback from all our clients. Here follows two testimonials:

  • SHASHIKA MATADIN, Managing Director of Silver Matrix (Pty) Ltd: “Excellent service, rating 11 out of 10”
  • CHARON STORM, Managing Director of Global Success Trading (Pty) Ltd: “The service we received is of high quality, we are very impressed with the turnaround time of each application. Thank you for excellent service.”


The most significant feature of the system is the Timeline Technology used to track each application. Dealing with government institutions have always been a challenge is South Africa. This is due to their administrative breakdowns, unreliable 3rd parties, backlogs and systems crashing. And of course the largest frustration, a lack of communication! We made it our mission to ensure streamlined communication.

Our Timeline feature connects our Head Office (doing the work at government institutions) with clients. See picture on your right. It allows clients to have full control over their entire Company Registration (or other) service, which includes features such as:

  • Every section of the software is fully responsive – i.e. usable on laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Step by Step updates via emails / SMS
  • An online application form
  • Online document submission
  • Date stamps @ each documents / process
  • Service Finalisation dates by institutions (for example @ CIPC)
  • Storage facility for documents
  • Client feedback section – which is sent straight to our Directors


And our prices did not go up with one cent.


Get your Customer Account today! Sign up here.

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