Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

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PSIRA Registration

R3490 Once-Off

Psira registration online for Security Companies in South Africa

Please note: The R3490 is for the facilitation to register psira online, and there will also be a separate non-refundable application fee of R7900 charged by PSIRA.

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PSIRA Ready Package
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  • Pty Company
  • Tax Nr & Clearance Certificate
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • Share Certificates
  • Free Marketing Consultation
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account and Website.
PSIRA and Business Plan
R 5990


  • Register PSIRA Online (Facilitation)
  • Business Plan (For Financing / Tenders)
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account and Website.

Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's and Info the register psira online process in South Africa:
What are the Main Advantages of PSIRA Registration?

1. Registering with PSIRA will allow your company to be verified as a legitimate Security Company in South Africa. It proves that you are up to industry standards and will allow you to be eligible for security work, whereas unregistered companies will not be given the same opportunities.

2. When applying for finance for any grants, contracts, or tenders in the security sector, a PSIRA registration will be required. Not being registered will hinder your opportunities.

Call Company Partners toll free for your psira registration needs


Security Companies in South Africa are deemed to be very profitable. This is mainly due to the constantly increasing crime rate. Businesses and general public have a need for more security services and products that will make them feel safe. For this reason, they are more likely to buy or request services from a security company.

There has been a significant increase in Security Company registrations, but getting all the Security Company compliance documents in orders can be complicated and very costly. 

Irrespective if you’re selling security equipment or whether you offer security-related services like armed response, you will need to obtain the correct documentation to qualify you as a registered security business in South Africa.

To ensure that the same standard of services or products are being provided across the security sector industry, there is additional paperwork included for private security companies. All security companies will need to acquire their compliance documents before they are able to start trading.


PSIRA stands for Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.

This organisation’s responsibility is to ensure that that standard of the security sector is maintained throughout all the different registered Security Companies in South Africa.

If you want to operate any business within the private security industry, you must register your business with PSIRA. You also must get the appropriate security grading (there are various) for your staff, any members, directors, partners, trustees or managers.

PSIRA ensures that there is a level of safety for you, your partners and your employees – and importantly, for your clients. PSIRA’s compulsory paperwork stops fly-by-night security companies from trading or offering sub-par, unsafe or unethical products or services that may pose potential safety risks.

Consumers, employers and employees need to have basic standard they can rely on, as Security in South Africa is not risk-free.


Not registering your Security Company and operating without the relevant documentation can result in legal action being taken against yourself, your business partners, and the company. Therefore, the registration is mandatory with the required compliance documents.

PSIRA Registration ensures there’s a baseline of standards for security providers within the security industry.

You can read more about the latest wave of arrests by the South African Police force of unregistered security businesses here.

If you know of any unregistered security companies, you can report them here.


Your Company will need to undergo a security grading process. This will be done on all parties involved in the company. The security grading process consists of the PSIRA Registration process and the PSIRA Investigation Process.

What you will need before your business is eligible for PSIRA Registration:

1. Proof of your Company Registration
2. A Security Grade B of your staff, members, directors, partners, trustees, and managers. They need to undergo PSIRA Grading.
(We’re placing a list below for what these individuals need to qualify for security grading)
3. Business Plan (at least for one year). A declaration declaring that your business will be able to operate for at least the next year.
4. A Tax Clearance Certificate, Valid VAT Registration Number, PAYE Number
5. Immovable office location
6. UIF Registration at the DOL and COID Registration (where required).

What you will need as an individual to be eligible for PSIRA’s individual security registration:

The individual must:

1. Not have a criminal record, specifically related to the scheduled criminal offenses listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act
2. Be a permanent South African resident
3. Be at least 18 years old
4. Have completed the PSIRA training at an accredited training center.
5. Pay the registration fee
6. Not be a part of the military, the police force, or any intelligence force. Former members need a clearance certificate


1. Free Consultation. Upon starting the process, we will need to identify the documents that you will need to compile for the application to be submitted. We will also setup the letters that PSIRA requires. Note that the fee payable to Company Partners is a facilitation fee for the process. PSIRA will charge you a separate non-refundable application fee of R7900.

2. PSIRA Registration Application. Once we have everything PSIRA requires and as soon as we have received all the correct documentation, according to the standards of the PRISA office, we will contact the PSIRA Office on your behalf. We will then confirm with you once your documents have been registered with PSIRA. Note that this is where our service as the facilitator stops. Only the Site Visit then needs to be done by the PSIRA Personnel before the PSIRA Registration is finished.

3. PSIRA Site Visit. To ensure that the standard is the same across board, PSIRA will conduct a site visit at the registered address on your application form. Their requirements are very specific such as, the office will need to have a separate entrance should you be running the company from a residential address. You will also need to have an immovable computer system (no laptops) with a fully equipped office set up, i.e., telephone land lines, etc.

4. Your PSIRA Certification. Your Security Company will then become a registered Security Company with PSIRA which will allow you to start trading and apply for security tenders and contracts in South Africa.


Starting your own security company in South Africa can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of paperwork and compliance administration associated with SA’s private security industry.

Here is a list of all the vital documentation you need to start a security company in South Africa:

  1. Company Registration
  2. Income Tax Registration
  3. UIF or PAYE / SDL Registration*
    *If Applicable
  4. COIDA Registration with the DOL and a COIDA Letter of Good Standing (where applicable)
  5. Security Business Plan
  6. B-BBEE Certificate
    According to new legislation if you have a turnover of less than R10 million, you need a BEE Affidavit. If you need a BEE Affidavit, then click here so that we can assist.
  7. PSIRA Registration

Security Associations in South Africa:

It can be very helpful to keep you up-to-date with the Security industry in South Africa. Here are a few associations which you can register with voluntarily:

Click here to see how we helped Elisheba Security and Cleaning Services get started and become tender-compliant with their Security Company in only two months.

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