Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

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Upon joining the “Exclusive Program for Accountants” at Company Partners, you join over 500 accountants in SA who offer their clients 120+ compliance services. You can outsource any of these services to our specialists at a discounted rate. All of this takes place online, via our secure and easy-to-use platform, enabling you to serve clients throughout South Africa seamlessly.

Most Popular Services our Accountants are Outsourcing

CIPC Secretarial Services:

Annual Returns

Company / CC Amendments

Beneficial Ownership Register

Share Management & Certificates

Trust Registration & Amendments

Accounting Officer Change

De-registration / Re-instatement of a Company or CC

Trust Registration & Amendments

NPC / NPO / PBO Registration

Company Registration 

Other Company Services:

COIDA Registration

COIDA Letter of Good Standing

Shelf Companies and CCs (Up To 13 Years Old)

SARS Registered Representative

Import and Export Registration

RLA Migration

UIF Registration (Department of Labour)

POPI Compliance

Professional Business Plans

NHBRC / CIDB / PSIRA Registrations

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Requirements to join?

You need to fall within one of the following categories:

How it works?

For My Accounting Firm

For Accountants at Large Businesses:

Top 7 Benefits of Joining
our Exclusive Program for Accountants:

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Company Partners is proudly associated with several professional bodies

50 000+ Clients assisted since 2006

Company Partners assists South Africa’s Entrepreneurs to become registered, empowered, and grow into sustainable businesses. Specialising in company registration and compliance since 2006, we have expanded our expertise to include accounting, payroll and website design.

We begin with a free consultation, offering tailored support to align with your business objectives. Our 120 compliance services include Shelf Companies, COIDA, Imports/Exports, Business Plans, VAT, and others.

We are dedicated to providing the tools and guidance necessary for businesses to develop and thrive over the long term.

What our Accounting Clients say!

4,5 out of 5 from 322 Google Reviews

“Excellent Service”
I would like to compliment Company Partners and yourself on the excellent service I have been receiving. As an accountant for multiple SME’s it enables me to concentrate on servicing my client properly in terms of their systems and figures and not SARS and their requirements to gain access. It is no more complicated than that. You guys get done first time what would take me 2 to 3 attempts and up to 90 days and done in a much shorter time frame.
Matthew Kennedy-Smith - Matthew Kennedy-Smith TriShay Consulting (Pty) Ltd

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What are the Additional Benefits of Being an Exclusive Accountant Client at Company Partners?

Streamlined Online Process: Utilise our user-friendly online system for an efficient workflow – from initiation to completion of services.

Direct and Enhanced Communication: Benefit from priority support through direct lines and digital platforms like our online system, Teams, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp for seamless interactions.

Expanded Service Portfolio: Offer your Clients a comprehensive range of over 120 compliance and business services, including company registration, shelf companies and website design, enhancing your firm’s capabilities.

No Need for Additional Staff: Expand your services without the overheads of hiring more personnel. Outsource your compliance needs to us and we’ll handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Seamless Brand Protection: You can confidently expand your services without adding extra staff. Outsource your compliance tasks to us, and we operate discreetly in the background. This approach ensures your Clients always engage directly with you, not even aware of our involvement, thereby maintaining and enhancing the trust and integrity of your brand.

Efficient and Swift Service Delivery: Rely on our systematic updates and focus on timely deliveries to provide quick services to your Clients (applicable timeframes apply).

Holistic Client Management: Offer a more comprehensive view of your Clients’ businesses with our wide range of business services, aiding in more holistic financial and compliance advice.

Scalable Service Options: Easily adjust and scale your service offerings to match your growing Client base or their expanding business needs.

Client Retention and Satisfaction: Enhance Client loyalty by providing a one-stop solution for all their business needs, increasing Client retention and satisfaction.

Tailored Packages: Enjoy exclusive rates and customised service packages designed specifically for Accountants’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an Exclusive Accountant Partner, you’re a registered South African Accountant or Bookkeeper who can offer over 120 compliance and business services to your Clients, outsourced through Company Partners. This partnership is ideal if you’re serving multiple Clients or a single company requiring more than 20 compliance services per year.

As an Exclusive Accountant Partner, you have access to a wide range of in-demand services that you can offer to your Clients.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Company Registration
  • Shelf Companies and Shelf Close Corporations (CCs)
  • COIDA Registration
  • NHBRC Registration
  • SARS Registered Representative
  • Professional Business Plans
  • Import and Export Licenses
  • Cross Border Permits
  • UIF Registration
  • PAYE Registration
  • SDL Registration
  • Annual Returns
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • CIDB Registration (Level 1)
  • NPC Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • POPI Compliance Certificate
  • Letter of Good Standing (Workmans Compensation)
  • PBO Registration
  • CSD Registration (Phase 1)
  • Trust Registration
  • SADC Certificates
  • NPOs and other Non Profits
  • ITAC Permits
  • Personal Liability Companies
  • Company Amendments


These services cover a broad spectrum of compliance, registration, and business development needs, enabling you to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to your Clients.

Benefits include a dedicated business consultant, cost-effective rates with discounted packages, a possible 100% markup on our services, access to over 50 industry specialists, direct support lines, and flexible 30-day statement options (subject to qualification and formal application).

You will have an exclusive online profile with direct details, ensuring all communications and updates are between you and your dedicated Company Partners consultant. The process is streamlined, online and transparent, with all service development communications handled via email. Additionally, you can always reach your dedicated consultant by phone for immediate assistance or inquiries.

Partnering with us allows you to offer a comprehensive suite of services without hiring additional staff. We work discreetly in the background, ensuring your brand integrity and Client relationships are maintained. Additionally, you can benefit from our systematic service delivery, comprehensive Client management, scalable service options, and enhanced Client retention.

Since 2006, Company Partners has been a leading 1-Stop-Shop for business compliance in South Africa. We’ve assisted over 50,000 entrepreneurs, offering a range of services from company registration to website design, underpinned by a Client-focused approach and a commitment to making compliance easy.

We offer a blend of over 150 compliance and business services, a strong management team, a leading online platform, and a commitment to Client success. Our approach bridges the gap between low-cost and high-service offerings, providing tailored solutions for start-ups and established businesses alike.

Absolutely. Our program allows you to tailor our packages, services and solutions to meet the unique needs of each Client, providing a more personalised and effective service to them.

Our unique blend of extensive experience, a wide range of services and our innovative online system sets us apart. We focus on making compliance easy, turning entrepreneurial and business dreams into reality.

By providing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, you can enhance your value to your Clients, fostering long-term relationships and possibly increasing Client satisfaction and loyalty.

As an Exclusive Accountant Partner, you gain access to a ‘One-stop Compliance Service,’ which means you can navigate and manage a multitude of compliance requirements like CIPC, SARS, COID, and more, all through a single, efficient platform. This streamlines the compliance process for your Clients.

Yes, we provide continuous learning opportunities through access to training videos, business coaching, and regular updates on compliance changes in South Africa. This ensures that you and your team remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our services are marked by systematic updates, step-by-step guidance, and clear email communications. This ensures that every stage of the service process is transparent and efficient, from initiation to finalization.

For detailed information on our services and packages, you’re welcome to contact our dedicated support team for a personalised consultation.

Yes, absolutely. As an Exclusive Accountant Partner, you have the freedom to offer any of our over 120 services directly to your Clients if you already provide similar services. Our partnership is designed to be flexible, supporting your existing services while expanding your portfolio with our offerings. This means you can choose to utilise our services only when needed, ensuring you can always meet your Clients’ specific requirements effectively.

Certainly. We can connect you with current partners who can share their experiences and the benefits they’ve realised from being part of the Exclusive Accountant Partner program.

To begin, contact us at 0800 007 269 for a free consultation. We’ll guide you through the easy steps to set up your online profile and start offering our comprehensive suite of services to your Clients.

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