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A Co-operative, commonly referred to as a Co-op, is a unique business structure that enables a collective of individuals to purchase products or services in bulk. Members buy from the Co-op, ensuring consistent demand and supplying community needs. All profits, also known as surpluses, are equally distributed among the members. For instance, consider a Co-op with 20 members that procures 1,000 liters of milk. This milk is then retailed in 1-liter containers to both members and the general public. After accounting for all expenses, if the Co-op makes a profit of R 2,000, it translates to a gain of R 100 for each member.

Co-Op Registration

R1490 Once-Off

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Co-operative?

A co-operative is a unique kind of business where members come together to offer products or services. Instead of traditional profits, they have surpluses which are shared among members based on their involvement with the co-op.

Co-operatives in South Africa are registered under the Co-operatives Amendment Act (Act no. 6 of 2013). If you’re unsure about the legalities, our team at Company Partners is here to assist and make the process smoother for you.


When individuals with shared needs collaborate through setting up a Co-Operative, they can address challenges that might be too big for one person. With a cooperative, everyone gets a say, and the rewards (or surpluses) are shared based on your contribution.


Firstly, certain tenders and grants specifically require a co-operative registered with CIPC.

Secondly, if you’re looking to work within your community and share profits, a co-operative provides a structured, trustworthy way to do so, rather than relying on informal agreements.


No, CIPC doesn’t issue share certificates for co-operatives. But don’t worry! At Company Partners, we can guide you on creating your own share certificate, ensuring it’s tailored to your needs.


We’re glad you asked! At Company Partners, we’re experts in guiding entrepreneurs like you. From understanding the benefits of a co-operative, to assisting with the registration process and even helping you create your share certificate, we’re with you every step of the way. Trust us to make your co-operative journey engaging and straightforward.

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