Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

SARS Registered Representative

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Since April 2021, SARS has implemented the Registered Representative Appointment. A person appointed with complete authority to act on behalf of another legal body is known as a registered representative (e.g., Companies, Trusts, etc.). You won’t be able to file any returns or create any new registrations until the registered representative at SARS has been updated.

Do you need to appoint a Registered Representative at SARS?

Ensure you have full rights to act on behalf of a legal entity (e.g. Companies, Trusts, etc.).

SARS Registered Representative

R790 Once-Off

*Timeframes: We follow the quickest possible route via SARS Offices. Normally this process takes 5 working days, but due to the influx of applications, it can take up to 21 working days.

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Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sars Registered Representative?

A SARS Registered Representative is an individual authorized to act on behalf of a taxpayer for matters related to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This role is crucial for businesses, as the representative handles tax-related responsibilities, ensuring compliance with SARS regulations.

Typical responsibilities of a SARS Registered Representative:

  • filing tax returns;
  • handling correspondence, 
  • queries from SARS, ensuring timely tax payments, and
  • updating SARS on any changes in the business that could affect tax affairs.

The representative acts as a vital link between the entity and SARS, safeguarding the entity against potential tax issues and penalties by managing its tax profile efficiently. It’s important to choose someone knowledgeable and trustworthy, as they hold a significant responsibility in maintaining the entity’s tax compliance.

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To activate a registered representative on SARS eFiling, the appointed individual needs to log in to the eFiling portal, navigate to the ‘organisation’ section, and select ‘Sars Registered Details’ whereafter a registered representative needs to be activated by following the prompts. Alternatively the SARS Online Query System can be used. You can find the step-by-step guide from SARS here.

From there, you can add a representative by entering their details and assigning the relevant permissions. Remember to have all necessary documents and information on hand for a smooth process. For professional guidance on your tax registration, visit our dedicated page here.


When registering as a SARS representative, you’ll need to provide specific documents to verify your identity and authority.

This typically includes:

  1. Representative Appointment Letter/Power of Attorney (POA):
  • Clarifies the Representative’s authority to act for the Represented Entity.
  • Available on the SARS website.
  • Not required if founding documents indicate a sole director.
  1. Enterprise Notice of Incorporation:
  • For Companies: Copy of Registration Certificate or Notice of Incorporation.
  • For Trusts: Trust Deed with meeting minutes specifying authorized individuals.
  • For Partnerships/Joint Ventures: Partnership or Joint Venture Agreement.
  • For Individuals (e.g., minors): Copy of the taxpayer’s Identity Document.
  1. Identity Document/Passport:
  • A photocopy of the Representative’s ID or Passport.
  • A recent photograph of the Representative holding their ID.
  1. Proof of Residential Address:
  • Documents accepted by SARS as proof of address are listed on their website under Relevant Material or Supporting Documents.

It’s essential to check the latest requirements on the SARS website for any updates.


Businesses need a SARS Registered Representative to ensure that all tax-related matters are handled accurately and compliantly. This representative acts as the main contact point between the business and SARS, managing tasks like tax submissions, updates on regulation changes, and resolving disputes. It’s a pivotal role for maintaining good standing with SARS.


Yes, businesses can change their SARS Registered Representative. To do this, submit the necessary documentation to SARS, including details of the new representative and a termination notice for the current one. Ensure the transition is smooth and compliant by following the guidelines on the SARS website.

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