Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

Shelf Corporations in South Africa: Your Key to Rapid Business Growth

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Introduction to Shelf CCs:

Looking to launch your business quickly and efficiently? A Shelf CC might be the perfect solution for you.

Many people ask, what is a Shelf CC? Well today we will be delving into that question and provide some guidance on Shelf Corporations.

In South Africa, a shelf CC (Close Corporation) is a pre-registered business entity ready for immediate operation. Unlike starting from scratch, shelf CCs offer a fast-track to business ownership, eliminating the need for time-consuming registration and setup procedures. Furthermore, providing entrepreneurs with a business entity that already possesses a track record and historical credibility.

Differences from Other Business Structures

Shelf CCs stand out for their immediate readiness for business operations, as opposed to new companies that require time and effort to establish from scratch.


Shelf Corporation

Private Company (PTY)

Registration Time

Immediate availability; pre-registered

Requires registration process; time-consuming

Operational Readiness

Ready for immediate operation

Needs setup and development post-registration

Legal History

Comes with an established history

Starts with a clean slate


Generally higher due to established status

Lower initial costs, but operational costs vary


Pre-compliant with necessary legalities

Requires compliance setup


Limited to existing structure and history

More flexibility in structure and business direction


Established credibility due to history

Must build credibility from scratch

Benefits of Shelf Corporations.

Here are some reasons to choose a Shelf CC

  • Speed & Convenience: They enable rapid business launches, ideal for entrepreneurs eager to enter the market quickly.
  • Simplified Process: Shelf CCs eliminate the complex and time-consuming registration processes typical of new business setups.
  • Business History & Credibility: They offer an established business history, which can enhance credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of clients and financial institutions.
  • Specific Business Purpose: These entities are well-suited for entrepreneurs with specific business goals who want to avoid the hurdles of starting from scratch.
  • Tax Advantages: Shelf CCs can offer beneficial tax positions due to their pre-established nature, potentially providing fiscal advantages right from the start.

The disadvantages of Shelf CCs.

While shelf CCs offer numerous advantages, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Limited Availability: Due to their pre-registered nature, the supply of shelf CCs is not infinite. This limitation can make finding a suitable CC challenging. Not only that but since 2011, Closed Corporations are no longer available for registration.
  • Higher Cost: Shelf CCs typically come with a higher price tag than starting a new business from scratch. This is due to the added value of their established history and immediate operational capability. Due to their nature, they have to be kept up to date annually with the required regulations such as Annual Returns with the CIPC to maintain the registration and Tax Returns at SARS to remain tax compliant.
  • Potential Legal Issues: Purchasing a shelf CC requires thorough due diligence to ensure legal compliance and to avoid any hidden liabilities or issues.

Looking at buying a shelf company in South Africa?

Get a Free Consultation with a trusted Shelf Company Specialist today!

Purchasing a Shelf CC:

Company Partners simplifies the process of acquiring a shelf CC:

  1. Select the Right Shelf CC: Browse our website to find a CC that matches your needs, considering factors like age, existing licenses, industry relevance, and VAT status.
  2. Paperwork: Complete the necessary documentation (100% online), including a transfer of membership interest form, change of accounting officer form (if needed). You will also have to provide us with a copy of your ID or Passport Document; further we will need a copy of your Home or Business Address in SA.
  3. Finalize the Transaction: Complete payment and fulfil any additional requirements as guided by our expert team. Your shelf close corporation pack should be in your inbox by 24 hours.

Start Your Business Today

The price of a shelf corporations depends on various factors, including:

Influencing Factors on the sale of a Shelf Corporation in South Africa

Age of the CC: Older CCs often command higher prices due to their established history.
Existing Licenses and Permits: The presence of pre-obtained licenses can add value.
• Industry-Specific Names: Desirable or niche industry names can increase cost.
• VAT Registration Status: CCs already registered for VAT may be priced higher. Please note that SARS can still review the VAT registration when ownership changes take place.

Average Cost of a Shelf Corp

Prices can range significantly based on the above factors. For instance, a 2010 Shelf CC from Company Partners is priced at R17990, inclusive of various services and benefits such as:

Start Your Business Today

A shelf CC offers a convenient and efficient way to launch your business in South Africa. With its numerous benefits and flexible purchase options, a shelf CC can be the perfect solution to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

Ready to start? Contact Company Partners today to explore our available shelf CCs and find the perfect fit for your business. Our dedicated team is here to provide expert guidance and support throughout your purchase process.

Do you have a Contract or Tender and Need a Shelf Company Fast?

Do you have a Contract or Tender and Need a Shelf Company Fast?​

Company Partners is your one-stop shop for all your Shelf Company needs in South Africa.

A shelf corporation is immediately operational, while a dormant company has a past but has been inactive. It requires reactivation before use.


Yes, you can convert your shelf corporation to a different structure like a private company, following legal guidelines and obtaining necessary approvals.

That being said, once registered with the Compensation Fund, employers are responsible for making regular contributions to the Workmans Comp Fund based on their assessed risk category and employee earnings. This is referred to as “assessment fees”, which accompanies an employers annual Return of Earnings submission at COID.

Owning a shelf corporation requires adhering to tax responsibilities like income tax and VAT (if registered). When purchasing a Shelf Corporation from Company Partners, we ensure that the taxes are up to date.


Compliance with the Close Corporations Act is essential, including maintaining proper records and submitting annual financial statements. Regular legal checks are also advisable.


Seek referrals from industry peers or consult online resources on where a Shelf Corporation can be acquired.

Consider purchasing a shelf corporation from a reputable provider like Company Partners. They offer various options, competitive prices, and ongoing support to help your business thrive.

  • A change in company directors: If you have recently changed the directors of your company, the Compensation Fund may not have been updated with this information.
  • An error in your company registration details: If you have made any errors when registering your company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), this information will not match the information in COIDA records.
  • A typo in your registration form: If you have made a typo when entering your company’s details or your own contact information, this will cause a validation error.

If you receive a validation error during COIDA registration, you will need to correct the error before you can proceed with your registration. You can do this by logging back into the registration form and making the necessary changes. If you are unable to correct the error on your own, you can contact the Compensation Fund for assistance. This could take anything from a few weeks to months to correct.

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