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Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) 

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Tender Funding

Do you need Funding to get a Tender?

We can connect you to the specific Tender Funding Options from our Partners available to your business – in its current stage. It’s free and very easy.
In association with SEDA, SA’s Small Business Development Agency and USAID, we have enlisted over 200 lenders and 300 loan offerings. We work with an Application called ‘FinFind’ to then search this database to connect you to the best partners where you can apply for Funding for your Tenders.

How does it work?

  1. Information
    We will need information about your business and its Directors. Start here.
  2. System Search
    FinFind’s system searches the Tender Funding Options database.
  3. Connect and Apply
    You will then get the results of the Tender Funding Options available to your business – for which you can then go ahead and apply.
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