Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!
Get Compliant from Anywhere, Easy and Fast!

POPI Compliance Deadline - Everything SA Businesses need to know.

Confused by the overwhelming volume of information regarding POPI compliance on the internet and what you read on the news?  Not sure where to start and how this new POPI Act will effect your business?

Company Partners’ core focus is making complex compliance simple and easy, so we called in our POPI Expert, Matthew Schoonraad, to explain the basics on POPI.

Matthew is a seasoned legal professional and an admitted attorney who specialises in the Protection of Personal Information Act and making the process simple! No fancy legal talk, just compliance made easy.

POPi Compliance

We answer the most frequently asked questions South African entrepreneurs have on POPI:

1. What is POPI?

The POPI Act seeks to regulate and govern the manner in which companies and other commercial entities source, process, store and share data, especially data relating to personal information. This can be personal information pertaining to staff and employees (HR data), personal information collected from data subjects (client/member data) and the personal information processed, stored or shared in terms of any third-party agreement (third party data or data-sharing). All entities must be able to show that its data collection and processing is lawful, and that any procedures/policies/agreements related thereto are in line with the provisions of POPI.

2. What is regarded as personal information?

Personal information is any information which can be used to identify a data subject (person). This includes but is not limited to: ID numbers; Name and surname, email address, cell number etc.

3. Who must comply with POPI?

If you “gather” any data from clients during the course of your business, then you have to comply with POPI. In short you must make sure the way you gather, store, manage and delete the information from your clients is legal.

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4. What are the steps to ensure my Company is POPI Compliant?

  • Create awareness within your company by making sure employees understand the basics of the POPI Act and what is required from them.
  • Important self-assessment of your organisation to understand how personal data of your customers (and staff) is collected, used, stored and processed as well as destroyed.
  • Create and implement the appropriate policies and procedures that manages the flow of information.
  • Have a POPI professional or specialist review & audit your company policies and procedures to check if they are in line with the POPI Act.
  • Policies and procedures need to be properly communicated via training that is provided throughout your company to create awareness and understanding.
  • Plan or schedule frequent assessments and/or audits of the changes within your company to ensure you stay POPI compliant.

5. What are the consequences of not being compliant?

Due to the seriousness of privacy and each person’s constitutional right to Privacy, sanctions for non-compliance are significant. Failing to comply can cost you up to R10million in fines and/or some jail time.

How Company Partners can help you achieve POPI Compliance.

Company Partners has partnered with it’s POPI expert to ensure our clients have a quick and cost-effective way to fast track POPI compliance and effectively manage any risks or non-compliance. To help our client meet the 1 July 2021 POPI compliance deadline, we have partnered with experienced POPI Lawyers to ensure our clients are covered.

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Our PREMIUM POPI Compliance Certificate service includes:
  • Consultation with our POPI Lawyer
  • Thorough Audit of all your company policies and procedures
  • Audit report to highlight any non-compliance or implementation needed
  • Implementation guidelines and consultation
  • Assistance with Implementation (additional fees may apply)
  • POPI Certificate of Compliance (if compliant)
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