Here’s why clients trust Company Partners to handle their Accounting


We find out why Elisheba Security and Cleaning Services has signed up for more than 20 of our services – from Company Registration to Payroll.

Our Co-Founder, Liam Stander, visited the Elisheba Security office to find out why Elisheba Security chose Company Partners to handle all their administrative needs – from Tender Compliance to Accounting.

Company Partners is a one-stop shop for various business services. Our cleints entrust us with everything: from Company Registration to Payroll. 

Liam spoke to the Operational Manager of Elisheba Security, Michael Wheeler, on exactly why he and his team stick with Company Partners and what their experience of our Accounting Services was so far.

Why do you use Company Partners for your Administration and Accounting needs?

Why did you ask Company Partners to do your Payroll? 

Company Partners

How do you experience the Payroll service? 

My security officers send me their time sheets and I just count the hours that they work, then I scan it, forward it to Company Partners and they do all the calculations.

There’s a specific lady that we work with, she gives us the figures that need to be paid out. She works out everything and we just print it on payslips. That’s it. They do everything for us!

“And Company Partners is saving us, to be honest, a lot of money and manpower – and a lot of Payroll stress. There’s actually a lot of stress that goes along with it. And up to date, we haven’t had one pay query. So your Payroll system is working for us.”

Earlier this year, we also spoke to Elisheba’s Managing Director, Renier Uys, to find out how he got his startup 100% Compliant with CIPC, SARS and PSIRA within only 2 months.


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