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Our Social Responsibility Projects

At Company Partners, we have a strong commitment to social responsibility and match our commercial pursuits with worthwhile projects that promote good change. 

Our goal is to significantly improve community well-being by forming strategic alliances and working hard to create a more sustainable and inclusive future for everybody in South Africa.

Supporting the Homeless Community

How we Supported U-turn for the past 9 Years

Company Partners is pleased to assist U Turn in their efforts to empower those who are facing homelessness.

With a remarkable 25-year track record, U Turn’s skills-based curriculum was created by a team of experts that included social workers, therapists, counselors, and coaches. Over 80% of participants in the program maintain work and sobriety six months after graduation, demonstrating its effectiveness and alignment with Christian faith principles.

This is in perfect harmony with Company Partners’ mission to establish accessible life-changing opportunities for all South Africans who are homeless. In addition to addressing immediate needs, U Turn’s transformative learnership program, which lasts an average of 19 months, nurtures personal and occupational skills and prevents relapse through a phased approach that starts with basic needs relief and extends to rehabilitative support.

By collaborating with U Turn, Company Partners positively impact the lives of homeless individuals and help create a more optimistic and brighter future for the community.

"Company Partners have been helping U-turn equip people with skills to overcome homelessness for more than 9 years. Their support of U-turn's work embodies shared values of service, commitment and empowering people for success. Their glowing example of Corporate Social Investment has helped hundreds of people out of homelessness and into flourishing lives."
Quinique Jagers
U-Turn Brand & Marketing strategist

Why Should you Support U-turn?

Supporting U Turn is a commitment to transformative change, not just social responsibility. U Turn’s creative and effective program and 25-year heritage of teaching homeless people how to overcome it show lasting effects.

By partnering with U Turn, you empower and rehabilitate homeless people, creating a community where people thrive and businesses drive positive social change. Partner with U Turn for a meaningful, socially responsible investment that changes lives beyond corporate bounds.

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